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Thanks guys!



I love everything about this editorial from November's Belgium Elle. It's everything I want and need from fashion right NOW.

(all photos from http://dustjacketattic.blogspot.com/)

Everything that I have seen styled by Anne Rabeux is just spot on. Also, I spent a good while trying to track down this model's name because she is gorgeous. No luck. Any help?



Milan Fashion Week.

With street style being my guilty pleasure, I'm a little ashamed to say that this year for Milan Fashion week (sorry, I'm a little late on this), I'm a little more excited to see what people were wearing OUTSIDE of the runway. I feel that the people who show up are sometimes just as fascinating as what gets sent down the catwalk. Here were my favorites. (All photos taken from Elle and Harper's Bazaar)

Oh, so much style. I would love to raid each of these women's closets. 



Refresh my Inspiration.

My style is inspired by various things in my life, and therefore, my inspiration changes with the hours of the day. Here are the things that currently make my mind explode with style ideas.

Bob Dylan

Queen Rania of Jordan (a strong woman with stronger style)-

Diane Keaton in Annie Hall-

Katherine Hepburn-

And a couple other things thrown in-

Really digging the idea of Male and Female mixing for fall. Menswear gone shockingly feminine. Hopefully, my brain will figure out a way to mix the two :)




My friend Sarah is an excellent knitter and can basically make anything. That being said, with winter nipping at my toes and my urges for everything knit, I have employed her to make me a thing or two. The first of these projects is a headband with an oversized bow. I spotted one on FORVER21's website a couple weeks back and HAD to have one. The one I own now, made by Sarah, is FAR superior and I couldn't be more happy :) Here is evidence of her genius.
The finished Headband:

Well, hope you all had a great weekend. Sad that it's over now.