Chestnuts roasting on an open fire..

Merry Christmas everyone!! I couldn't be more excited because this Christmas brought some major changes for this blog. That's right.... MOM AND DAD BOUGHT ME A NEW CAMERA! Goodbye fuzzy iPhone pictures (though I rarely underestimate Apple) and hello beautiful clear photos! I couldn't be happier. It also means that I'll be able to update more as this new baby of mine is going everywhere with me :)

Anyways, I adore Christmas for many reasons, but one of them is dressing up and piling on all the new little goodies Santa brought me :)

Tulle Dress- Xhilaration; Tulle Tutu (underneath dress)- Body Central; Studded belt- Target; Bracelets- thrifted, DIY, Anne Klein; Velvet Blazer- The Gap; Beautiful new Christmas Booties- Matt Bernson

Hope everyone is enjoying their mild Christmas and their families!



Ten minutes to Wapner.

My mother and I hit the casino tonight as a little mother/daughter outing. It was my first time, and although it was nothing like Rainman made me think it would be, I had a lot of fun. Mom and I took the opportunity to find a small hideaway in the hotel lobby to snap some shots. 

(Scarf-Handmade; Jeggings, boots-Target; Little Boy Blazer- Thrifted; V-Neck T-shirt- H&M; Leg Warmers- A gift from my mom; Genuine Eel Skin shoulder bag- Vintage.)

The legwarmers turned some heads amongst the 65 and over crowd. My mom said I was peacocking. I must peacock every day because if I could, I'd rock these with everything.



I used to dance when I was younger, Jazz, Ballet, everything. Whenever winter rolls around I always think of dance and all I want to wear is dance clothes. Leotards, Leg Warmers, Shrugs, and Tights, OH MY! Here, is some of my inspiration..

All Images taken from Tumblr.

I suppose Lady Gaga's "Marry the Night" video doesn't help. And on top of the ballet/dancewear themes, all I want to do is get out my bedazzler and cover EVERYTHANG I own. Oh, Gags!



Stand By Me.

Tights- Hue; Boots, Skirt, Jacket- Mossimo; Sequin Necklace- Vintage; Assorted DIY bracelets

The weather here in Louisville is starting to get chilly. Certainly no snow yet, and I couldn't be happier. My fall wardrobe is standing strong. How are you adjusting to the winter weather?

Today is the first day of December. 25 days until christmas! I couldn't be more excited!



When you can fall for chains of silver, you can fall for chains of gold

I'm due for an inspiration post...

(images taken from Karla's closetatlantic-pacificLookBookstylorectic5inchandupnini style and various other sites that I can't remember)

This Autumn, I am so inspired by neutrals, textures, layers, statement accessories, classic lines, and well..wide-brimmed hats. What inspires you?



Check out my new nails. It's a DIY version of TOPSHOP's Dalmation Nail Wraps (HERE). My new favorite hobby is nail art and I think I did a pretty killer job with just some nail polish and an imagination. It's as easy as that!

(Snake Ring: a gift from my mother)

I'm on a DIY kick so maybe I'll show more. Hint, Hint There's faux fur involved in my other project. YAY!



colors of the wind.

(Leather Shorts- Forever 21; Long White tunic- Express; Sweater- Handmade, thrifted; Jacket- Sonny Munroe for Target; Boots- thrifted; Gloves- DIY; Zebra Scarf- Thrifted)

The weather here in Louisville has taken a quick turn for winter. I, however, am not ready to break out a winter coat, so I am hiding under piles of layers. I refuse to put out a coat until there is snow on the ground (which actually might prove to be very soon..). Until then, I like to imagine the leaves and cool breeze are here to stay and I can trot around like Pocahontas singing to the animals and enjoying the rich colors of (the wind) Autumn.