girl crush.

So if you don't know who Miroslava Duma is, get with it. She is the chicest, most adorable person on the planet. She is most famous for being an editor at Russia's Harper's Bazaar and her amazing eye for fashion. Every time I spot her, I gasp. I am so stricken with envy for her clothes, that I have to look away, but I can't. If I could trade closets with anyone, it would be her.

She even makes pregnancy chic.

Anyways, TGIF. Hope the weekend is satisfying for everyone. I have plans for the first time in a while, which will hopefully mean some killer pictures. Stay tuned.




Every year when Fall comes creeping around the corner, I find it very hard to dress myself. You would think with the plethora of layering options during the huge Fall Fashion season, I would be set, but then again I live in Ohio. The weather here changes by the minute, and so when I leave my house in the morning to 80 degree weather and return at night with 40 degree weather, my wardrobe must adapt too. This being said, I have searched for a solution for years, and finally I believe I have found one. Comme des Garcon has designed what I like to call a blanket coat for their Fall 2010 collection and I am in love. It's perfect to just throw on under a pre-existing jacket and go. And don't let it's name fool you, unlike throwing a blanket on, it's chic.

I am currently in the process of attempting to figure out how to make my own version of the blanket coat and I think I'm close to figuring it out. Hopefully soon I will and will have lovely photos and perhaps even a tutorial so that you too, my wonderful blog followers can stay warm (especially if you reside in kookie Ohio). 

Today is my Dad's birthday and I'm sad I can't spend it with him. Hopefully I will be able to visit him soon. Anyways, Happy my Dad's Birthday to you all! I hope it's wonderful :)




I always like season changes because I feel like it's a time to reinvent yourself and start over. A new period of your life begins. I couldn't be more excited for Autumn. I find so much inspiration around this time of the year. Here are some things I am inspired by right now. (Sorry it's not a post about cutouts. Patience.)

Have a great Friday night! Hope you feel as inspired as I do.




So this green movement in fashion hasn't really hit me quite yet. Besides the fact that I contribute by spending what little college funds I have at the thrift store as often as possible. My friend Zoey's step-mom does a fantastic take on green fashion. She finds vintage cashmere and reworks it into new pieces. We're talking high-grade, 100% cashmere custom made pieces. I love it. Her site is called Do-Over Clothes. It's stationed in Cleveland but I believe the website offers some online shopping.
I would say it's definitely worth a look.

SO I have yet to find someone willing to take new pictures of my outfits (or the effort to put on something worth photographing). So another oldie (but goodie) must suffice.

I apologize for the quality. Macbooks are great, but they can only do so much as far as pictures go. I got this sweater dress at Macy's, on-sale in the plus size department. With some imagination, I made it into a dress. I would love to have some leopard print tights to go with it.... 

..a lot like this look from Fashiontoast. I love that the prints don't quite match up. I'm dying for this look (and maybe even that hair color). 

I have been requested to do a "special" post on cut-outs. So next up, I am thinking I will take on that trend. I am actually a big fan, as I have become quite fond of showing off tiny bits of skin in a surprising and classy way. So stay tuned.




I came across photos of my new years 2010 outfit and figured them worth sharing. You can tell they are old because my head no longer is adorned with hair.

Here, i'm wearing a cotton ruffled top from the Gap, Silk cropped Harem Pants from Banana Republic, vintage necklace and bangle and Steve Madden studded ankle boots. 

Seeing how it was early January I added my favorite jacket in my wardrobe. It saddens me that winter is the only time I can wear it due to the fact that it is Velvet. The lining inside is this royal color of purple silk; so lavish. The blazer is also from the Gap. 

I came across another picture on my computer of my mom. She is the reason fashion is even a consideration in my life. She is a lady of pure class and style. I think sometimes that she is more excited about my interest in fashion than me. But she is miles away and so sometimes, like many women I know in times of need, she sends me pictures of her outfits for critique. The funny thing is, never once have I had to correct her sense of style. She is remarkably always spot on. Here she is on a night out on the town with my father. It was summer, so her ingenious mix of a knit tank with just the right amount of glitz and linen pants astounds me. You can spot the Cole Haan clutch that I have been meaning to yank from her. She's such a beautiful lady.

I suppose it's time for me to try to make a dent in the mess that is my room. That and find something to snack on and then hopefully enjoy the nice fall weather. I can't explain how excited I am for fall!

Have a great night lovelies.



I found this Angelo Katsapis dress on a site devoted to pairing up the perfect party/prom/special occasion outfit and I knew I had to blog about my love for it. They have it featured as a party dress but I see it as much more. It would be perfect for any occasion really. Pair it with faux-leather leggings, sky-high heels, and a shrunken, velvet blazer for a cocktail party or special opening or such. Put on peep toes, pearls and a cardigan for a more modest, pretty look: perfect for a date. Skinny jeans, a navy blue, academy-inspired blazer, flats, and chunky jewelry make it very casual for the weekend. And wearing it by itself, with beachy hair, roman sandals, and bangles transforms it into the perfect sundress.


This is my space. This is my space to show the world what I have to say about fashion. I have a taste for class and edge and things that no one has worn before. Here, I hope to showcase not only my own fashion, but that of my friends and the runway. I hope that you will enjoy the posts to follow.