Every year when Fall comes creeping around the corner, I find it very hard to dress myself. You would think with the plethora of layering options during the huge Fall Fashion season, I would be set, but then again I live in Ohio. The weather here changes by the minute, and so when I leave my house in the morning to 80 degree weather and return at night with 40 degree weather, my wardrobe must adapt too. This being said, I have searched for a solution for years, and finally I believe I have found one. Comme des Garcon has designed what I like to call a blanket coat for their Fall 2010 collection and I am in love. It's perfect to just throw on under a pre-existing jacket and go. And don't let it's name fool you, unlike throwing a blanket on, it's chic.

I am currently in the process of attempting to figure out how to make my own version of the blanket coat and I think I'm close to figuring it out. Hopefully soon I will and will have lovely photos and perhaps even a tutorial so that you too, my wonderful blog followers can stay warm (especially if you reside in kookie Ohio). 

Today is my Dad's birthday and I'm sad I can't spend it with him. Hopefully I will be able to visit him soon. Anyways, Happy my Dad's Birthday to you all! I hope it's wonderful :)


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