So this green movement in fashion hasn't really hit me quite yet. Besides the fact that I contribute by spending what little college funds I have at the thrift store as often as possible. My friend Zoey's step-mom does a fantastic take on green fashion. She finds vintage cashmere and reworks it into new pieces. We're talking high-grade, 100% cashmere custom made pieces. I love it. Her site is called Do-Over Clothes. It's stationed in Cleveland but I believe the website offers some online shopping.
I would say it's definitely worth a look.

SO I have yet to find someone willing to take new pictures of my outfits (or the effort to put on something worth photographing). So another oldie (but goodie) must suffice.

I apologize for the quality. Macbooks are great, but they can only do so much as far as pictures go. I got this sweater dress at Macy's, on-sale in the plus size department. With some imagination, I made it into a dress. I would love to have some leopard print tights to go with it.... 

..a lot like this look from Fashiontoast. I love that the prints don't quite match up. I'm dying for this look (and maybe even that hair color). 

I have been requested to do a "special" post on cut-outs. So next up, I am thinking I will take on that trend. I am actually a big fan, as I have become quite fond of showing off tiny bits of skin in a surprising and classy way. So stay tuned.


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