Karma Chameleon

Mint is a color I never saw myself wearing, but the moment I put it on, I knew we belonged together. I'm not much for pastels, but something about this vintage jumpsuit caught my eye; I had to have it. 

And as if fated, I happened to wear this jumpsuit on a day where my stroll downtown lead me to this wonderfully pastel building; one that I had never noticed before but probably had passed a dozen times.  It, like me, had some pretty good taste in combining colors. ;) So, I dragged my trusty photographer (my wonderful mother) back down the block and we enjoyed a nice little photo shoot. She matched the scenery as well, in her pastel pink slacks.  We must have all been feeling very springy today: me, her and the building.

Jumpsuit- The Get-up Vintage in Ann Arbor, Michigan; Necklace- Vintage; Gladiator Sandals- Bamboo; Shrug- Express; Sunglasses- Target for men.

I've been wearing a lot of jumpsuits lately. My collection is growing and growing. They're so easy and  cute and make my short-haired self feel very feminine without much work. THIS IS THE SUMMER OF THE JUMPSUIT. MARK MY WORDS.

That's all. :)



Lady in Red

Found time in my busy schedule to take some pictures. I've gotten quite a few complaints that I have been slacking. Bloggerverse, I apologize. here, this one's for you.

Took these outside of the Collingwood Arts Center just down the street from my house. What a beautiful building!

Red Jumpsuit- Vintage; Belt- Vintage; Wedges- Bakers; Sunglasses- Target for Men

Hope everyone is surviving this heat wave :) Ciao!