What's in My bag?

Coach Pink Sequin Wallet, Coach Sunglasses case (filled with Prada Aviators), VO5 Hair Creme, Burt's Bees Chapstick, Iphone Charger, Nude Lipstick, Fleece Hunter's mittens, Scarf, iFlip, Sandwich Bag full of Daily Vitamins, Keys with Assorted Key Rings, and Studded Makeup Bag full of essentials (Mascara, Eyebrow Pencil, Bronzer, Brown/Grey Eye Shadow).



My new tattoo, which I love. At first I was a little unsure about the position and all, seeing as it's my first, but now, I cannot wait for the winter months to end. I refuse to wear long sleeves and cover it up; This necklace, as well as the sweater, are a new part of my DIY obsession. I cropped the sweater myself, which gave it a whole new life, and this antique key was given to me by my Biff. She put hers on a chain and the envious part of me followed suit. I was never into long chain necklaces, but now, I cannot get enough; Have I mentioned yet that winter needs to end?? Mostly because I have multiple pairs of killer shoes that are staring at me every day, begging me to play. I just don't have the heart to attempt to wear anything but boots in this "winter wonderland" if that's what you want to pretend it is; As I said earlier I have an obsession with DIY and these boots are my next victims. They are the result of some poor, yet hopeful thrifting choices. I thought they had something to offer, but I was very wrong, so my plan is to transform them from hideous blue pointy-toed boots, to gorgeous black peep-toe lace-ups. This, if I finish it and it ends well, will be my finest accomplishment...well, sort of; and Finally, I cannot get enough of this picture of Jean Moreau in my Vogue Women coffee table book. Her eyes, ugh, inspire me.