My new tattoo, which I love. At first I was a little unsure about the position and all, seeing as it's my first, but now, I cannot wait for the winter months to end. I refuse to wear long sleeves and cover it up; This necklace, as well as the sweater, are a new part of my DIY obsession. I cropped the sweater myself, which gave it a whole new life, and this antique key was given to me by my Biff. She put hers on a chain and the envious part of me followed suit. I was never into long chain necklaces, but now, I cannot get enough; Have I mentioned yet that winter needs to end?? Mostly because I have multiple pairs of killer shoes that are staring at me every day, begging me to play. I just don't have the heart to attempt to wear anything but boots in this "winter wonderland" if that's what you want to pretend it is; As I said earlier I have an obsession with DIY and these boots are my next victims. They are the result of some poor, yet hopeful thrifting choices. I thought they had something to offer, but I was very wrong, so my plan is to transform them from hideous blue pointy-toed boots, to gorgeous black peep-toe lace-ups. This, if I finish it and it ends well, will be my finest accomplishment...well, sort of; and Finally, I cannot get enough of this picture of Jean Moreau in my Vogue Women coffee table book. Her eyes, ugh, inspire me.

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