Christmas Eve.

Finished my christmas shopping with enough time to go out and celebrate with my friends. Went to Bretz to Dance last night and it was packed. Surprisingly enjoyable though. :)

Leather Shorts- Forever 21; Denim Shirt- Thrifted; Boots- Steve Madden; Hat- Vintage; Chainlink and leather bag- Chanel

Recently uncovered this Chanel bag that is my mother's. She is neglecting it, so I figured I would give it the love it deserves. It's definitely a change from the HUGE bag I am used to carrying.

Anyways, Happy Holidays! Hope it's wonderful for everyone.




I always wait to the last possible moment to worry about Christmas shopping. I think, like many things in my life, I am a more productive shopper under pressure. I find exactly what I am looking for and get in and out. However, every year, I forget about the hoards of people I will have to navigate through. So, that was my day. I did however, finish my shopping and am quite proud of my selections. Anyway, here is my christmas shopping attire.

Boatneck Top- Chaps; Wool Skirt- Vintage; Boots- Santana Canada

Everything I wore today was found in a thrift store. They are amazing little places, aren't they?




Every year I look forward to New Years with all my might. Why? Because it's the only excuse I have to wear all the nice clothes that I bought throughout the year and haven't had an excuse to wear. This year, I have a couple looks in mind.

Studded Gloves -3.1 Philip Lim; Sequin Dress- Net-a-porter.com; Headband- Deepa Gurnani; Platform Booties- United

Faux Fur Scarf- Debenhams; Sheer Blouse- Dear Fieldbinder; Sequin Hotpants- House of Fraser; Over-the-knee Boots- Footcandy; Tights- Anna Sui

Jumpsuit- Halston Heritage; Fedora- Forever 21; Gold Cuff- Net-a-porter.com; Suede Lace-up Boots- Elizabeth and James

Here's to wishful thinking that I can pull together an outfit like one of these. But in the mean time, back to thinking about finishing my Christmas shopping.



More than plaid.

Burberry, You're killing me.

(all pictures taken from Elle.)
I ADORE that this line is rough and tough, but also very lady-like. I'm dying over the structured jackets.