I'm a living witness, Everybody wants 2 find Graffiti Bridge

Quick shots before the sun went down...

Fur Collared Jacket- The Gap; Sweater and suede wedge boots- Target; High-Waisted Jeans and Armor Necklace- Vintage


My 3 favorite fashionistas and I are putting this awesome event on. If you're in Toledo, you should attend. It's for a great cause, there are some amazing bands playing, and THE SHOPPING! THE FREE SHOPPING! Swaps are my favorite way to not only gather with gals of a like mind but also to collect some of my favorite new wardrobe pieces. This is the MOTHER of all SWAPS.

Shameless plug, OVER.

TGIF kittens!



Rock Me on the Water

I had dinner tonight with my parents at Fallen Timbers outdoor mall. It was such a perfect evening for an outdoorsy kind of get-together.  I ADORE the fall weather, so much so, it keeps me up at night. Boots, Sweaters, Tights, oh my! I am finding inspiration everywhere and have never been more excited to step out of my comfort zone. I blame my friend Jordan. She's always so stylish and doesn't apologize for it. I, too, am jumping on that train, NO EXCUSES. Look out, Toledo!

Faux-Leather Jacket- Sonny Monroe for Target; Gold, bejeweled dress- vintage; Duck Shoes- Forever 21; Leather Shoulder Bag- vintage; Sunglasses- Target Men

Obviously, breaking rules. Call it my rebellious streak, and now I cannot be blamed for any fashion risks I may take. FROM. THIS. POINT. ON.

Happy Tuesday, Kittens! Go out there and be a showstopper!



You were taking the sun, taking the sun from my eyes

Just a quick little post. I was out-and-about shopping (trespassing) with my parents yesterday. We enjoyed a nice Brunch and some thrifting, so a comfortable, simple outfit was needed. Thank God it's cooled down enough for pants!

Jeans- Forever21; Seersucker Top- Vasia; Flats- Marco Santi; Wide-brim Hat and necklace- Target; Studded Shoulder Bag- Marciano for Guess

Happy (NOT) Monday, everyone! Sorry for mean-muggin' in my pictures. I certainly wouldn't make it far in ANTM, the sun in my eyes could not be ignored. Anyways, hope the week goes by fast!



Karma Chameleon

Mint is a color I never saw myself wearing, but the moment I put it on, I knew we belonged together. I'm not much for pastels, but something about this vintage jumpsuit caught my eye; I had to have it. 

And as if fated, I happened to wear this jumpsuit on a day where my stroll downtown lead me to this wonderfully pastel building; one that I had never noticed before but probably had passed a dozen times.  It, like me, had some pretty good taste in combining colors. ;) So, I dragged my trusty photographer (my wonderful mother) back down the block and we enjoyed a nice little photo shoot. She matched the scenery as well, in her pastel pink slacks.  We must have all been feeling very springy today: me, her and the building.

Jumpsuit- The Get-up Vintage in Ann Arbor, Michigan; Necklace- Vintage; Gladiator Sandals- Bamboo; Shrug- Express; Sunglasses- Target for men.

I've been wearing a lot of jumpsuits lately. My collection is growing and growing. They're so easy and  cute and make my short-haired self feel very feminine without much work. THIS IS THE SUMMER OF THE JUMPSUIT. MARK MY WORDS.

That's all. :)



Lady in Red

Found time in my busy schedule to take some pictures. I've gotten quite a few complaints that I have been slacking. Bloggerverse, I apologize. here, this one's for you.

Took these outside of the Collingwood Arts Center just down the street from my house. What a beautiful building!

Red Jumpsuit- Vintage; Belt- Vintage; Wedges- Bakers; Sunglasses- Target for Men

Hope everyone is surviving this heat wave :) Ciao!



The Hardest Button to Button

I have been the proud owner of these white, striped, nautical shorts for a couple months now and have been struggling to wear them. Today, however, I decided to just do it. The shape (high-waisted and short) is one i love, it's just the color and theme are so hard to accommodate. I, however, will be making it my goal to make these babies oh so wearable.

Nautical Shorts- Forever 21; Suede Top- Just Ginger; Shoes- Steve Madden; Necklace and Studded bag- Vintage; Sunglasses- Target for Men.

The title has more significance than just the plethora of buttons on my shorts. It also represents the excitement I am harboring for (drum roll please!!!) the JACK WHITE SHOW on thursday! EEKKK! still have to figure out what to wear! ahh! 

Anyways, if you're in Ohio, enjoy the ninety degree weather this week. If you're elsewhere, I'm sure it's gorgeous, too! Loving summer!