Rock Me on the Water

I had dinner tonight with my parents at Fallen Timbers outdoor mall. It was such a perfect evening for an outdoorsy kind of get-together.  I ADORE the fall weather, so much so, it keeps me up at night. Boots, Sweaters, Tights, oh my! I am finding inspiration everywhere and have never been more excited to step out of my comfort zone. I blame my friend Jordan. She's always so stylish and doesn't apologize for it. I, too, am jumping on that train, NO EXCUSES. Look out, Toledo!

Faux-Leather Jacket- Sonny Monroe for Target; Gold, bejeweled dress- vintage; Duck Shoes- Forever 21; Leather Shoulder Bag- vintage; Sunglasses- Target Men

Obviously, breaking rules. Call it my rebellious streak, and now I cannot be blamed for any fashion risks I may take. FROM. THIS. POINT. ON.

Happy Tuesday, Kittens! Go out there and be a showstopper!


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  1. "Go out there and be a showstopper!"

    This might be my favorite tagline ever!