The stress of growing my hair out has been weighing on me lately. I know this, mostly because I have been having nightmares involving my hair.

The growing-out process has always been an unsuccessful one for me. I am all about it for 6 months, taking vitamins, avoiding straighteners and then it reaches below my chin and an animal urge to chop it forces me to start again from point A. So, that being said, while I do want to try to grow my locks out, I am taking a different approach this time. This time, I am going to experiment with every and any kind of haircut I can think of or have ever wanted. I'm hoping this will not only make the process more fun, but provide me with an easy excuse for healthy ends. Here, are just a few of my inspirations.

and alas, the one that all my friends at work joke about me currently having...

But hey, can't complain, the Biebs has some nice hair.


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