yo, Adrian!

(Jacket- Sonny Munroe collection for Target; Audrey Pants- The Gap; Wedges- Dollhouse; Rocky T-shirt- Target; Purse- thrifted; Assorted bracelets- thrifted and 25 cent machines.) 

Scoured the city for places to take pictures tonight for my blog and came across this beautiful building. It resembled an old church but it was actually a community college. Beautiful, nonetheless. We raced against time to take pictures during daylight and we were just barely successful. 

I've been wearing a lot of neutrals lately. I think this autumn I will be giving into the edgy side of my style. Playing a lot with my style too. I suppose it has a lot to do with growing my hair out. I have to sit on my hands as to not cut it all off again, so instead of changing my hair, I will be playing with my clothes. Autumn is the greatest time to do this as I am so inspired this time of year. How about you guys?

Happy Monday, everyone!


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