Catch Up.

Have been busy lately, so unfortunately I haven't had a lot of time to post. So, now, I'm playing catch up. I have been really into eye-catching accessories lately. A great necklace, scarf, pair of shoes, or hat really makes an outfit.

Flower Necklace- Vintage; Jeweled Collar Necklace- Thrift store find; Headband- DIY; Oxfords- Candies; Scarf- Vintage.

Busy week. I attended a clothing swap with my friends last night, which was a great alternative to blowing my paycheck as soon as I got it and a great excuse to clean out my closet and give old favorites a good home. That being said, I acquired quite a bit of cute pieces, so I will have some stuff to post soon enough.



  1. i know something you could use your pay check for rather than clothes!