Wait for Wintertime.

I will be doing the exact OPPOSITE, Yeasayer. I have been anxiously awaiting the cold weather that Global Warming has pushed away so that I may wear my layers upon layers upon layers that I look forward to every year, but now that the snow is here, I long for the cropped Ts and mini skirts of yesterday's warm summer sun. Facebook told me an aquaintance saw Robins just the other day and that small bit of sunlight gives me hope that Spring approaches. Until then, enjoy my attempts to not look completely disgusted by the snow (and the fact that it was seeping into my beautiful new boots). Instead, imagine that Charlie Brown tree is blooming, I'm in less clothes (because it's hot out, perv!), more prints, and brighter, bolder colors, and there's a huge smile on my face. COME'ON SPRING!

(Grey Jeans- Converse; Denim Vest- DIY; Sparkle Sweater- thrifted; Faux-Fur Vest- Target; Ankle Boots- Matt Bernson; Rings- vintage; Earring- Target)


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