Featured Closet: April

I'm adding a  new addition to this blog every month. I'm planning on doing a feature on someone else's closet. Actually a brief look into their closet based on an outfit and series of questions. Sometimes it will be a celebrity, sometimes it will be someone I/we/your neighbor knows.

This month, I chose my lovely work friend, Corrine. She's very stylish in all the right ways. If I had to describe her use of florals, bright colors, and tough accessories, I would say she was always girly and young but with some edge. 

Five Questions, GO!

1. Favorite Place(s) to shop? H&M, Ebay
2. Style Icons? Freddie Mercury, Any 70's Rock star, Diva, Granny
3. For Real, though, how many pairs of shoes do you own? 100+. Lots of heels that I only wear occassionally.
4. 3 pieces from your closet that you can't LIVE without? My pleather jacket, blazer, and high waisted shorts
5. What was your inspiration for today's outfit? I pieced it together around the hat because my hair is a WRECK under here.

There you have it, a look inside Corinne's "closet".

Stay tuned for more, kittens!

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