Little Bunny Foo Foo.


I took a long hiatus from this blog because life, unfortunately got in the way, but I'm back and ready. I've got a new concept, possibly a new design. A whole crap-load of cool stuff coming this blogs way!

Oh, Happy Easter, guys.

Since I've last updated I relocated back to Ohio (who says you can't go home?), I've taken up a new job in a salon, and I've been spending all my time outside of work with great friends. I AM THE MOST INSPIRED I HAVE EVER BEEN. I have been hanging around my friends' bands and venues and from there, my mind has been filled with all kinds of fashion stimulus. If it be from old acts like The Stones or Bowie, or from new ones riding in from NYC, I have got a whole lot of motivation. So hold on tight, this blog is doing some thangs! ;)

Anyways, Easter at my grandmothers this year. My Family is all nuts. But then again, I like them that way. My grandmother has a huge yard filled with little Charlie Brown trees that get no credit. So, if you do one thing with this blog post, give them bad boys some love, they're blossoming nicely. Oh, and holy cow, 'twas windy, so excuse any faces/body language I may be making. It's hard to be graceful in a wind tunnel.

(Dress- Forever 21; Jacket with Faux Fur Collar- The Gap; Necklace and Rings- Vintage.)

Happy Zombie Jesus Day everyone and stick around, stay tuned, do what it is you do, because exciting things are happening in this here closet ! :)


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