I decided to take a page out of Audrey Hepburn's book today. Thought a little black dress would go well against the white curtain of snow that just fell on Ohio. Also, some jewels never hurt to brighten up a dreary day. New sunglasses as well :)

Dress- Thrifted, no tags; Sweater- Target; Thigh-high stockings- TJ Maxx; Flat Boots- Steve Madden; Pilot's Faux Leather Jacket- Target; Crystal Necklace- Target

Clip-on Crystal Earrings- Vintage; Cat Eye Sunglasses- Target 

I am beginning to think that maybe I shop at Target too much. It's gotten so bad that when my best friend and I are bored, we go to Target. They should start giving us a "second-home" discount or something.

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