Lately, I have been really into the idea of picking the brains of the geniuses who went before us. Especially those of the fashion industry. It's amazing how much talent was possessed by some of the people who lead the way in the Fashion world, as well as some who continue to change the game. I recently watched the documentary on Yves Saint Laurent. Man oh man, it was long, but worth it.  It's a fascinating account of his life and success as told by friends, the designer himself, and family (all in french with subtitles, mind you). So cool. I sent the Karl Lagerfeld documentary straight to the queue on Netflix and not-so-patiently await it's arrival. This man (my man, Karl) is the epitome of genius. I went through archives of his stuff, it doesn't get better than him.

Example A.

(all photos taken from The Cherry Blossom Girl)

He is always so relevant. Viva la Lagerfeld!


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  1. I love reading about people too! Great post!