Teddy Bear Massacre.

Living in a college town, I attend a handful of themed parties every year. This weekend, my friend Roxanne and her housemates threw an ABC party. Anything But Clothes. I was tormented by the thought of putting on a trash bag and expecting to survive the night without a wardrobe malfunction. But what else? Teddy Bears. It came to me in a dream, literally. A dream where my best friend told me to wear my faux-fur jacket that she refers to as my "teddy bear jacket" because it looks as though it was made out of stuffed animals. And I woke up and there it was, staring me in the face. Make a romper out of teddy bears. Here's the final product.

It took about 7 hours, 5 teddy bears in varying sizes, and some creativity, but I finished it. Really proud of the hood made out of a teddy bear head. Now, I have enough stuffing to make a million pillows. DIY love <3


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